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Please update this game to support iPhone 6 and up.

This game needs to be updated.


I love this game so much and am on my 6th run. Please update to the latest iOS

Hard to play on a phone

The concept is cool. It is just difficult to play on an iPhone. It makes me quiet dizzy looking at the screen. My fat fingers dont help while trying to use the controls. Not worth buying unless your using an iPad or a huge phone .

iPhone 6 and Up

Before I bought this Ive read some reviews about how frustrating the game can be in the IPhone 5. I decided my love for the tactics game would supersede that, however it wasnt true. Gameplay on the IPhone 5 is very clunky, and the phone has never felt too small until I played this game. It takes forever to play the game sometimes, and takes away from the fun because you are too frustrated with the mechanics and not "clicking right" that you cant enjoy the game itself. I would recommend the game to anyone who has an IPhone 6 and up, its day 2 and I seriously cant take the game on my phone. Im going to put it in hold until I upgrade my phone, maybe then it wont be so lackluster.

Update for current gen devices

Please update, love this game

Hasnt been updated in years-beware.

Resolution is wrong for iPhone 7. Controls are buggy. Game hasnt been updated since 2013.

Square, why put this on sale if it is not comparable with ios10???

I was excited when this went on sale. However, when 1st booted I get a warning screen saying... "This app may slow down your phone. The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility" Dont waste your money until it is updated.

Not optimized for phone

The game is just like original, but difficult to play on the phone. A lot slower to navigate and play.

One of the best versions, but can we get an iPhone compatibility update?

When I boot FFT from my iPhone 6, it tells me that this game may slow my iPhone down and the developer needs to update the compatibility. Ive noticed some slowdown and hoping it wont crash while playing. The last update was over three years ago and was hoping to see a new update to improve stability.

Unplayable Clunky

I love turn-based strategy. I love RPGs. I saw that Tactics had gone on sale for $4, and Ive been thinking about getting it for a while now, but after about an hour of trying to play the game, I regret my purchase. I was first greeted with an error upon opening the app that said it "May slow down your iPhone" because "The developer needs to update it to improve its compatibility." Not a good start. The game jumps you right in with an optional tutorial, but the typeface they use makes it difficult to read, and the menu items are very close together on even an iPhone 7, despite my skinny fingers. The game could be great starting out with a one on one battle or continuing with small groups of 2-3 at first, but after the initial battle, to jump right to controlling 6-7 people at a time. This wouldnt be too big a deal except that it takes 10-15 taps per person per turn because the interface is ridiculously clunky. I was looking forward to leveling up, equipping, and customizing my party, and I feel like I usually go out of my way to give games a second chance, but I deleted this one after an hour because I just dont see it being an enjoyable gaming experience. Waste of $4, I would have been furious if I had paid the full $15. Square Enix, if youre going to charge such a crazy premium on ported games, at least keep up with them and optimize them. The update log for this app is pathetic.

Bello ma andrebbe adattato

Il gioco in sè è molto bello e la localizzazione non è un problema per me. Tuttavia il gioco è ancora con risoluzione da iphone 4s, spero in un aggiornamento ma non ci credo troppo. :( English: Please update the game with support for higher resolution screen. Im playing on iPhone SE.

Could use...

Item throw will still execute even when target is not in line of sight (obstructions will hinder the item from reaching its target although the action will still use the item up). I feel the early levels (at least where Im at in the game so far) are far more difficult with having to determine whether an item thrown will reach its target or not with no real tool(s). Other than that, prolly one of the best price-to-replay value ratios on the market. (would buy twice ^^)

Just as good as I remember

I played fft on the PlayStation and loved it. So getting the game on my phone was a no brained for me. The story line and all that good stuff are the same as on the ps, but the controls are a little difficult to get used to when switching to the phone. Other than the controls being a pain the game is amazing.

Terrible continue game ux

Hit "continue". "You have a saved game. Continuing will delete your saved data. Continue?" Okay well what is the point of continue then? After exploring other menu options, I went ahead and continued, and yep, saved progress lost. First time Ive ever asked for a refund on the App Store.

I need update !!! Please full screen.

Iphone 7 can not play this game full screen,please update !!!

Update this app

I bought this expecting some nostalgic fun, but its running very slow and doesnt fit the screen of a iPhone 6plus. Its a shame that square is happy to continue charging for the app but isnt updating it to keep up with newer iOS versions. Ill change my review if I get a refund or news of an update.

Very beautiful, clean, faithful port! A+

Incredibly outstanding game. The late 90s was a pinnacle of gaming, and this was birthed along with brilliant others. I almost want to dock a star because it lacks total optimization; on a few devices there are unsightly black bars that intrude on the game space -- they shouldnt be there, considering the scaling tools that exist today. Its still wonderful. Ive always been drawn back to this title, as the balance of gameplay, story arc, everything -- it is magically extended beyond most other games.

lackluster support for US version

As far as I know, the Japanese version of the game has been updated to have proper support for wide screen for iPhones 5 and onward, and yet the US version of the game has not been updated for 3 years. This is how unfairly Square Enix treats its US customers. Are we inferior to our Japanese friends?

Please add multiplayer / rare items from PSP

Love the game. Its a solid A. Need Genji items and cant steal them in current version. :-)

Love it but

Can we have an update with some new content

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