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Still too expensive

For that kind of price they could us the iPad version as well.

Stop blackmailing poor Square, haters!

Honestly, I finished this game last year and Im just going to download it again because ITS AMAZING! Im just posting this due to the high amount of mad comments I found here and that might make someone think twice about buying this app. I advice you: DONT THINK TWICE! Buy it! You wont regret it. Unless you hate Final Fantasy. In that case, dear hater, I must say you knocked on the wrong door. Go bother someone else. - About the slow-down bug: really, on the first battles the frames slow down when you use items or magic for example, but it stops after a few battles and go back to working fine at full speed. SE published in its website that this only happens some because the app has to adapt to your phones system. Just have patience! - About the bugs in iPhone 4S: really? I played on a 4S, still play on a 4S and finished the game TWICE without a single bug. Ok, ok, if youre not a hater and is having real trouble, I suggest that you go contact SE. Really, they will treat you very well and solve your problem, I grant you. SE dont play in this department. Other thing that may give you bugs is your available memory: it is recommended to have at least 1GB of free space on your Apple Device hard disk for the app to work well. At least, thats what SE says( however, I had like 300MB of free space when I played, and it worked fine, so each case is a case, I think ). - About people who say "I dont like this, its sh*t": you have eyes dont you? Watch at least a gameplay or make a search after buying something you might not like, dont come bother people who actually love FF but get insecure due to your poisonous review! Scram! Now, the only thing Im worried about is this thing with the iOS 9 Beta( Apple isnt joking, really ). I just hope they adapt it to the iOS 9 because I really want to play this again on the future. Just love Final Fantasy and will love it forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

One of the best FF games of all times

The initial price may seem a bit high, but you are buying a game that you will enjoy for hundreds of hours. Gameplay depth is simply unbelievable. This is one of the greatest PS1 games of all times. If you havent experienced this truly amazing Saga yet, now is the time.


PLEASE ADD GERMAN LANGUAGE! Im Even half American half German, but Thats Too much to translate!

Please translate in German

My english is not the jellow from the egg^^

N1 one

Finally one of the greatest games ever has been released today. Honestly you wont regret loading it. I actually would give 5 stars but the port is a bit slow sometimes and the OK button sound all the time is a bit stressing. But anyways this is a MUST HAVE

Please German !!

Please German !!!

Update great! But....

Playing this game with new textures and normal frame rates is great when youre use to the slow lag of the original. However, its so fast now you can barely see what the enemy is doing. Which makes it hard to act accordingly :( Too bad theres no battle speed option

Please fix crashing!!!

I LOVE FFtactics games but I would really appreciate it if the game didnt crash so often!! PLEASE FIX!!!

Way to expensive

Bought it on my iPhone expecting to be able to download on my iPad. Nope, its an extra 18 dollars.

Not worth it

Although I grew up with Squaresoft, I never played Tactics. I have no nostalgia and can give this an honest review. The controls are overly complicated. Its tough to pick the square your trying to move to. The game doesnt seem redesigned for a touch screen rather adapted. It feels like a hack of a game rather than redone for a touch device. The angles youre force to look at the battle screens are all awkward (and unless Im missing something I cant change it). I dont recommend. The newer games are all better than this one. This is longer and more detailed than say Hunters but its aggravating to play and Im done with it. Last old port i buy. I wish I could get my $8 back.

Thank you guys so much!!!

I initially bought this app on my old iPod touch, and when I got an iPhone 5, I was already so far into the game. At the time, having purchased the app (which was around $12, I think) I couldnt load my saved files from my iPod touch on to my iPhone 5. I tried EVERYTHING!! I figured there was no way of getting around it, so I would have to start all over again. But because I was so far in, I couldnt just start all over! With the new update, the enabled option for iCloud usage have given me the ability to save my file to iCloud on my iPod and then load it on my iPhone 5! I am so thankful that the developers have put in the effort to improve the game and its app features, and the resolution doesnt bother me at all! At least I can now play it on my iPhone 5, so I am very thankful for that! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!


Best version on any platform but it would be sick if the screen was compatible with iPhone 5.

Pls iPhone 5 optimization

Because this game has so much replay value

Great game

Love it, I never played the one for the PSX but I can tell the iPod version is pretty cool, there was one thing I did wish for it to have is the ability to fast forward battles and a multiplayer would be cool.

Nice but slow

Battles slow down severely on my 4th gen iPod and it even made the game crash once. Other than that nice to see the game on iOS.

Not fair

I purchased this game love it but buying the iPhone app oesnt include ipad version? I dont play games on iPhone anymore most developers include booth versions with purchase I hope this is an oversight and not square Enix being cheap

One of the Best

The tactics games are great, but this one has a few bugs still. Sometimes Ramzas sprite becomes black in the party roster screen, and it crashes aboit every 15 minutes, a problem i never had before the update. I just might not have enough capacity to run this game anymore, please include a graphics changing option for people with slower devices.


Do not buy, what a waste of time. Terrible port, gfx, text, ui. Worse, the inability to load a save game from title screen. Completely ridiculous to force you to reply the first hour of a game to LOAD. Pathetic


Needs up be updated for iPhone 5

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