So if you want to play it on a iPad you are required to pay for the game again. Really? That’s pretty gay. Not gay as in homosexual gay but gay as in two gay guys walk down the road and see an ad that says if they want to play FF tactics on both iPad and iPhone they would need to pay twice and they say “wow that’s gay.”

Great but I found a bad bug and an annoying mechanic

The game crashes when I am playing in Finnath Creek. I can’t get past it because the crash occurs when a chocobo attacks or I land a killing blow on one. It is also very annoying that the enemies always grow to match or surpass your level. You can never work hard to surpass them because they always end up at your level or higher. This makes simple encounters I should be able to overcome terribly challenging. Even at level 80, they still match me.

Great game! But buggy

I love WotL and I’m very grateful it was updated to support 64bit, but it remains buggy. Sometimes it will freeze when I attempt to play, requiring I close it completely and restart. Hopefully Squeenix will keep supporting this. Save often!


I was hoping I would be able to update my previous review since I figured out how to load the iCloud save, but I guess a new review will have to do. I’ll update the stars once the constant freezing issue is resolved.

Crashes on iPhoneX

This game is my childhood so to have it mobile would have been so great but to keep it short and simple the game crashes before I can even take control in the first battle. Save yourself the 15$.

Has Major Saving Problems

I have no idea why but I save religiously & it constant deletes my save states. I have had to do so many story mode battles over again for no reason because of this issue. It’s annoying & makes the game harder than it needs to be

Will rate higher if fixed.

Okay I have a problem my game keeps freezing on me I have to keep closing my game. Plz fix I love this game it’s been one of my favorites. Plz fix. I have iPhone 8 plus. I keep having to restart more than one times!!!! PLZ FIX!!!!!!


This app is for iPhone only! If you want to play it on the iPad there is ANOTHER app you must buy that’s optimized for the iPad and is another $15. What a rip–off.

Can't even play this 😫

Guess who just spent $14 on an app that he can't even use? THIS GUY! Hey SquareEnix, you think you guys can fix the crashes on the iPhone X? I'd appreciate it.

Crashes frequently on iPhone X

Very frequently at random times. Happens during cutscenes so you will lose progress and have to redo battles.

My favorite game

Have played this game through so many times since Ps1 to PSP and now here! The only thing missing is the co-op play! Would love to do the co-op missions with a friend over WiFi. Or heck, make true sequel!

Age limit

There should really be an age limit on writing a review. Also an IQ test. It seems to me that if the application doesn’t go perfect the first time, and mostly due to user error, the rating is slumped down rather rapidly. This game here is a timeless classic and to bring it to be where ever is just simply amazing. Great job on the port. Much appreciation in your direction.

Needs the support for iPhone X

This game was released during the time when the iPhone had issues running it and as a result, it was slow and was updated to improve speed but still lacks it. This was the time during the iPhone 4s. We are about to go pass the iPhone X this year but still needs support for the iPhone X. Please consider this.

Great game. Unplayable Bugs.

I bought the game. I’ve played it before. Amazing story and game play. Perhaps it’s an iPhone X problem. I open the game and it won’t play. It’s frozen in place. Totally unplayable. Super upset cause I spent a lot of money (for a phone app) to play this and I can’t. Either want it to get fixed or want a refund. My phone is 3 days old. So it’s not me on my end. Fix it and I will update my review. If not. I WARN AVOIDING THIS GAME IF YOU HAVE AN iPhone X or 8!!!

UPDATED iPhone X Periodic Crashes

UPDATED: Getting worse with more frequent freezing. Freezing now occurs at onset of battle character selection screen. If it gets any worse, it will borderline unplayable. Shouldn’t take oftentimes 5-10 minutes of loading, freezing, and rinse repeat +4x just to start playing! 3/5 stars Not a review of the game itself (5 stars there); more so a review of the “software”. The game crashes/freezes when loading frequently. Sometimes it takes restarting the game 3-4x before it will finally get to a successful load. Unclear how or why. There aren’t any noticeable patterns. I think for the several years I’ve used iOS, I can count on one hand the number of times a game had crashed or froze on my iPhones or iPods or iPads. This game crashes/freezes enough to warrant this review from me. Controls are intuitive for touch screen. No other issues so far (12 hours in the game).

Nickel and diming a holes

Purchased on my iPhone X because compatibility lists iPhone and iPad. I try to install on my iPad and I have to purchase it again. Refund please you crooks.

So Glitchy

It glitches out and freezes about 60% of the time. If you’re patient, then this won’t be an issue. Otherwise, I’d suggest picking up phone insurance because you’re going to rage quit. A lot.

Love the game but buggy

I love this game and have played it through multiple times on PS and iPhone. I now have an iPhone X and have been having difficulty with latest update. If I close my phone during a battle (no more quick save) I often lose any progress and have to start again from last save. Also the app sometimes freezes while loading a save game or between cut scenes. I love the game but these aspects are frustrating!

Favorite Game but doesn’t work

Worked for a little bit for me(until 4th or 5th battle) just fine but now it freezes constantly.

iPhone 8 Experience

Freezes soooo much in-game. Ridiculous.

Poor port of a great game

Let me just say that Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my all-time favorite games. The additions to the War of the Lions edition serve to make it a fresh experience for someone who sank hundreds of hours in the PS1 day’s. That said, the stability of the iOS version is a shame. Even on an iPhone 8 with the latest OS update the game freezes constantly sometimes losing significant progress in longer battles. Booting up often locks on a black screen before the opening cinematic resulting in many force quits before even getting in the game. A minor peeve is that the touch controls are a little frustrating in certain aspects. Selecting targets in a cluster can be a trial in patience. Square-Enix charges a premium for their rereleases. A premium price should predicate a premium product. Unfortunately, due to the nostalgia factor, they often get a pass for issues that would sink most other games.

Final Fantasy games are the best

Final fantasy tactics is one of the best turn based strategy games there are, of course the same could be said of any final fantasy game. Thank you Square Enix keep up the good work, on a side note a port of FF8 would be fantastic

Constant Crashing on iPhone X

Really great game, played on PS1, PS Vita, PC Emulators, etc. It USED to work on iPhone, but they have not updated the game for compatibility with the latest iOS in a very long time. As it sits, you cannot even finish the first battle. Provided it lets you get that far. You may just crash at the title screen. Please Square, fix this issue.


I’ve played this game since it’s original game, for PSX .. I’ve also played the PSP version .. so far I like the way this game is, but I don’t like that almost every time I start it , and enter a battle .. it freezes up and I have to close the app and re-open it several times before I can freely play it ..

What happened

It is very rare for me to leave a review. Not sure what has happened to this game but there are a lot of glitches that need to be worked out. The game freezes many times either when it’s first started or right before combat. Sometime the buttons lock during dialogue or during combat. If it weren’t for the nostalgia, I would not have spent $13 on this game.

Why pay twice?!

During Christmas there was a sale for “Final Fantasy Tactics” on the AppStore. I went from happy to irate when I realized that SquareEnix actually wants you to pay for the IPhone and IPad HD version separately; why?! The IPhone can easily handle HD graphics, SquareEnix needs to make one HD version and release it to both IPhone and IPad. If you bought it it should be free on the other like mostly every other game on IOS is. I give this a one because of the ridiculous “current” rip off.

Freezes often

Loved this game knew what I was getting going in however the games freezes almost every time it attempt to play it.

Keeps crashing

I wish the game would stop crashing on me

My favorite game

I have a total of 3 copies of this game now

Crash city

Love this game but it crashes constantly

Crashes and closes on IPhone X

Unplayable on iPhone X on 11.3. Closes out after a few minutes once you get past intro part of the game.

Faulty Fantasy Tactics

Stellar game At only $15? Decision made easily New Game *Clicks on* Excited! Sinking feeling 2 hrs in as game freezes S#*&

Freezes - Can’t even get past the tutorial

I have an iPhone 8 plus running iOS 11.03. Can’t even play it because it freezes. What’s up with that? I know this game has been in the app store for a few years, but I put off buying it because it was $14. I finally pulled the trigger on it today to find out that I can’t even play it. How does a game by a reputable company such as SquareEnix which has been an app for years not have enough support to run without issue? Wow.


I’d be a great game, but I have to constantly open it and close it to work. And I have a new iPhonex

Love it when it works

This is a fantastic port of the game. Only problem is it crashes non-stop. There are times when I can play it for a few hours with no problem. There are other times that I can’t play it for more than two minutes before it freezes up. Hard to suggest this game based off of the crashes.

Game runs FAR too fast...

Was enjoying this, but on the very first battle the game is running way too fast to even keep track of what’s going on. Animations are 2-3 times their vanilla speed, spells that would take 5 seconds to complete in the OG are now finished in the blink of an eye, and it’s impossible to watch and enjoy the unfolding of strategy or implementation of tactics when a turn for both sides runs so rapidly. I loved watching the beautifully drawn spells animate, now that’s far less enjoyable and hence so is the game. I’m running on iPhone 6. When this is fixed I’ll up my rating but am not holding my breath considering Square’s treatment of their iOS attempts.

iOS 11

Doesn’t seem to work with the new software or hardware. Not sure which it is but doesn’t work on my iPhone X

Files sharing

Great game but could you enable file sharing

Where is the save??

Fun game, good gameplay, but how come I can only save once every so often through a random prompt? I’ll have to go multiple levels to save? I don’t have that kind of time throughout my day, it’s a little ridiculous, definitely a waste of 14 dollars

So long, $14

Crashed at first battle after intro. Now just black-screens and crashes when opened, even after iPhone reboot, closing the app down, etc. Description says “works on this iPhone”. Noticed another review saying iPhone 8 has issues with it as well as iOS 11. If you’re not going to update your $14 app, at least update the description to show that it doesn’t work on certain devices/iOS versions. Want a refund - gg App Store. Fix this and I’ll be happy to update my review. But not if it takes 3.5 years like the last update apparently did.

Thank You!

For both porting this classic piece of gaming history and continuing to support it years later!


Keeps ending the game in the middle of a battle

Text is blurry

I am still waiting on a fix text is blurry. Why do a lazy job and are you not seeing it?

Please update

Edit: Thank you for the update!!! Love the game and would give it a 5 star but without an update for IOS 11 when it comes out later this month, the game may not even be playable.

Tactics on your iPhone

Hey guys, some of you seem to be confused. This is Final Fantasy Tactics on your iPhone. The controls are easy, you just need to get used to them. DUH. Get good. Nah I know you’re good. I was just messing

So far so good

Been debating whether or not to I should get this game for a while. Reading through the reviews people claimed that it would crash and freeze. I’ve played about 5 hours and haven’t experienced any freezing or crashes yet on my iPhone 7. Hopefully it stays this way. It’s an alright port. The game feels a little sped up to me, but it’s not too bad...

Freezing all the time!!!!

Was so pumped to play this game. Every time I enter a battle the whole locks up. Can’t do anything but restart the app and then try again. I have gotten through 3 battles. Don’t waste your money until this is resolved. IPhone 8 Plus

My saved progression

You should've put up a warning because my iPhone auto updates my apps! Now I can't access my saved files! All that hard work gone !!! You need to make it so I can access my files again. I cannot start over!


Great game I have been playing for a while.

No iphone x support

Extremely disappointed. Expected more from square enix. Seems like none of their apps are optimized for iphone x

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