Text is blurry

I am still waiting on a fix text is blurry. Why do a lazy job and are you not seeing it? Full screen display and get rid of menu button or hide it. It doesn’t need it. Add the option in the menu of the character when you select it. It has move, act, wait, status and AI. Story the anime, but it is not in full screen. PVP feature to be add it.

Excellent game, marred by freezing

I’ll update this review if the game receives an update, but I’m currently playing on my iPhone X, and the game constantly locks up, requiring a complete restart. As far as gameplay goes, FFT is amazing, and I’ve played through it once before on an older phone with no freezing or crashing at all, so it must just need an update. The game itself is 5 stars, but on the iOS with the consistent game crashing freezes, it’s a 2 right now. Please fix it Square.

Crash and freeze

Just spent $14 on this can’t even play it keeps freezing and crashing every time I play it can’t even get into first battle as soon as it starts freezes!! Would really like to play... is there anything you guys can do?

Battle Saves

Not having in battle saves is ruining this game. Update it and I’ll change my review, but until then... And it’s not just that feature, it continually and frequently crashes. Combine all the issues with extremely OP NPCs that you can’t grind to gain an edge against this is almost impossible to progress. I beat the original game once upon a time. Once these issues are fixed, it’ll be a great game.

No quick save during battles

This is a fantastic game and I highly recommend playing it in some form I f you can. However, the lack of quick save during battles really defeats the purpose of a mobile game. If this feature gets added back, then I will gladly give 5 stars.

Random crashes

Game crashes all the time

Final fantasy tactics

Crashes all the time, is unplayable

Constantly crashing, games basically unplayable.

I’ve been trying to play this for a while now and can’t seem to make progress because the game randomly crashes mid battle, assuming it even lasts long enough to start one. For a game that costs this much, the developers should really see about getting this thing stable.

Love the Game, Hate the Crash

I absolutely love this game but ever since I updated my phone to ios 1.4.1 it’s been crashing constantly, making it almost completely unplayable. I’ve been stuck in the battle with Milleuda for days because halfway through the app crashes and causes me to redo it all over again.

Frequent freezes

Very disappointed, this is a favorite from my childhood but the frequent freezes make it unplayable .

Needs some work

Love the game and the fact that it’s on iOS but the frequency of crashes, especially after resuming a previous session with unsaved data, destroy the experience.


I loved playing this game when it originally came out. When I found it on the App Store I was excited to say the least. But the game freezes CONSTANTLY on my iPhone 8S Plus. It is the most irritating thing being in the middle of playing and the game freezes for no good reason whatsoever. I would love to actually be able to play through the game without having to save after every single battle, cutscene or visit to town just so I don’t lose my progress. Absolutely irritating. Needs an update to smooth out these bugs.


Can’t even get through the title screen without it crashing. Recommend you fix it because 15 dollars for a rehashed titled that doesn’t work isn’t a good business idea.


Playing on iPhone 8 Plus and the game keeps freezing.. sometimes I can even get to the title screen. Fix it or I’ll be joining whatever class act suit comes up. I’d honestly just like my money back tho. Thanks DO NOT LET THEM STEAL YOUR MONEY, This GAME CONSTANTLY CRASHES!!!!

Hangs Constantly

App hangs constantly. I opened the app after not having played for months and upon entering a battle, the app hanged. I forced the app to close, launched it again, and the app hanged on the save file selection screen. Reading some warnings, it seems like maybe saved data is a problem. I started a new file and the app hanged again upon entering the first tutorial/story battle. What on earth did you do to this app?

Crashes and Freezes

I have an iPhone 8 Plus with the most up to date iOS version. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game, power cycled my phone, and still the game crashes and/or freezes intermittently. I experience this after I minimize the game to check other apps, or after I launch the game. It ALWAYS happens within seconds after the game opens, it will either freeze or the screen will turn black and after a few minutes the game crashes and when I launch it it restarts the game.

Great game but freezes

It’s been freezing and bugging out midway through battles. It’s become unplayable. I’m not sure if it’s just the iOS. Can’t progress without having to restart battles due to freezes or bugs. Love the game always but I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy until it’s been fix. Sad to say it but save your money.

Does no one care about the glitch?

Why is the game still bugged and freezing every time you launch (iPhone 8 plus). It is literally unusable. Fix it or remove from the store..

I got robbed

The constant freezing and crashing makes this game essentially unplayable. I feel like I got ripped off paying this amount of $ for an app that doesn’t even allow you to play for more than 5 consecutive minutes. I have an iPhone8 Plus btw. Please fix and update this game as quickly as possible. Please!


I have an iPhone 8 Plus. Had this app for 48 hours. I’ve tried it 10 times now and it freezes or crashes every time. I have yet to get past the initial cut scene. I was excited to try this and have a great rpg on my phone to replay. But unfortunately it’s unplayable and broken. I’m pretty upset I wasted my money on this. I loved this game as a kid and would love it.


I love this game and want to finish it so bad. But nothing is more infuriating that beating a hard level, or completely surrounding a boss, and all of the sudden, it crashes. The game is hard enough without having to do the same crap again. Sometimes I spend 30 minutes customizing my job abilities and equipment, then it crashes. It’s a waste of Time on the iPhone 8plus


Game crashes after playing for a minute or two on iphone X. it is now unplayable.


Bought the game ~a week ago for $13.99 now it’s $6.99 you got me good. Still worth every penny.

Game freezes on iPhone X

One of my favorite games of all time and the iOS version is the DEFINITIVE VERSION of this game. I’ve played every iteration and I love the touch controls and redrawn sprites and other cosmetic upgrades. A perfect fit for the iPhone but it keeps freezing on my iPhone X. When this is taken care of I will change my review to 5 stars.

Was better on my iPhone 5s

I have a iPhone 8 Plus and I get random freezing or crashing that is frustrating when I have to reload. Now it is just black screen on launching. Never had any of these issues until I updated. I’m on latest iOS as well

iPhone X optimization

This game is great but the iPhone X has been out since last year and there’s still no full screen :( at least add functional buttons and borders to it rather than black bars

Great game, but unplayable

FFT has been my favorite game of all time. The customization, the flair and feel of the game... and ported fairly seamlessly to iPhone. The major problem is it continually freezes and crashes. Start a new game. Crash. Start first battle. Freeze. Finish intro and select units for the next battle. Freeze then crash. When it works, it’s great, but it’s unplayable at this point.

This is broken on iPhone X

The game freezes when I'm trying to name my character. I've never been able to get far enough to even save the game before it freezes. They should honestly be handing out refunds. Ive always loved this game... Was really looking forward to having it on my phone..

Unplayable constant freezing

Game freezes nonstop. Bummer

iPhone X crashes

I can’t even play it no more on my iPhone X

Mixed feelings now

Amazing game. One of my favorite FF games of all time! That being said, the reason for this low score is solely due to crashes on iOS 11.4.1. Not entirely sure why it’s crashing but I crash constantly at the following points: 1. After 3rd splash screen, before intro movie 2. Loading world map after selecting save file 3. During chocobo battle at Balias Tor. During chocobo turns, it crashes 100% of the time. It’ll crash anywhere between 6-10x before I even get my file loaded. It’s making the game virtually unplayable.

Great port but for Freezing on iPhone X

It’s fun but freezes constantly at off times. Redoing skills and such for all your guys let alone an entire battle near the end really takes all the amazing ness of this port to phone. Seems to be no solutions either? Bummer.


So if you want to play it on a iPad you are required to pay for the game again. Really? That’s pretty gay. Not gay as in homosexual gay but gay as in two gay guys walk down the road and see an ad that says if they want to play FF tactics on both iPad and iPhone they would need to pay twice and they say “wow that’s gay.”

Great but I found a bad bug and an annoying mechanic

The game crashes when I am playing in Finnath Creek. I can’t get past it because the crash occurs when a chocobo attacks or I land a killing blow on one. It is also very annoying that the enemies always grow to match or surpass your level. You can never work hard to surpass them because they always end up at your level or higher. This makes simple encounters I should be able to overcome terribly challenging. Even at level 80, they still match me.

Great game! But buggy

I love WotL and I’m very grateful it was updated to support 64bit, but it remains buggy. Sometimes it will freeze when I attempt to play, requiring I close it completely and restart. Hopefully Squeenix will keep supporting this. Save often!


I was hoping I would be able to update my previous review since I figured out how to load the iCloud save, but I guess a new review will have to do. I’ll update the stars once the constant freezing issue is resolved.

Crashes on iPhoneX

This game is my childhood so to have it mobile would have been so great but to keep it short and simple the game crashes before I can even take control in the first battle. Save yourself the 15$.

Has Major Saving Problems

I have no idea why but I save religiously & it constant deletes my save states. I have had to do so many story mode battles over again for no reason because of this issue. It’s annoying & makes the game harder than it needs to be

Will rate higher if fixed.

Okay I have a problem my game keeps freezing on me I have to keep closing my game. Plz fix I love this game it’s been one of my favorites. Plz fix. I have iPhone 8 plus. I keep having to restart more than one times!!!! PLZ FIX!!!!!!


This app is for iPhone only! If you want to play it on the iPad there is ANOTHER app you must buy that’s optimized for the iPad and is another $15. What a rip–off.

Can't even play this 😫

Guess who just spent $14 on an app that he can't even use? THIS GUY! Hey SquareEnix, you think you guys can fix the crashes on the iPhone X? I'd appreciate it.

Crashes frequently on iPhone X

Very frequently at random times. Happens during cutscenes so you will lose progress and have to redo battles.

My favorite game

Have played this game through so many times since Ps1 to PSP and now here! The only thing missing is the co-op play! Would love to do the co-op missions with a friend over WiFi. Or heck, make true sequel!

Age limit

There should really be an age limit on writing a review. Also an IQ test. It seems to me that if the application doesn’t go perfect the first time, and mostly due to user error, the rating is slumped down rather rapidly. This game here is a timeless classic and to bring it to be where ever is just simply amazing. Great job on the port. Much appreciation in your direction.

Needs the support for iPhone X

This game was released during the time when the iPhone had issues running it and as a result, it was slow and was updated to improve speed but still lacks it. This was the time during the iPhone 4s. We are about to go pass the iPhone X this year but still needs support for the iPhone X. Please consider this.

Great game. Unplayable Bugs.

I bought the game. I’ve played it before. Amazing story and game play. Perhaps it’s an iPhone X problem. I open the game and it won’t play. It’s frozen in place. Totally unplayable. Super upset cause I spent a lot of money (for a phone app) to play this and I can’t. Either want it to get fixed or want a refund. My phone is 3 days old. So it’s not me on my end. Fix it and I will update my review. If not. I WARN AVOIDING THIS GAME IF YOU HAVE AN iPhone X or 8!!!

UPDATED iPhone X Periodic Crashes

UPDATED: Getting worse with more frequent freezing. Freezing now occurs at onset of battle character selection screen. If it gets any worse, it will borderline unplayable. Shouldn’t take oftentimes 5-10 minutes of loading, freezing, and rinse repeat +4x just to start playing! 3/5 stars Not a review of the game itself (5 stars there); more so a review of the “software”. The game crashes/freezes when loading frequently. Sometimes it takes restarting the game 3-4x before it will finally get to a successful load. Unclear how or why. There aren’t any noticeable patterns. I think for the several years I’ve used iOS, I can count on one hand the number of times a game had crashed or froze on my iPhones or iPods or iPads. This game crashes/freezes enough to warrant this review from me. Controls are intuitive for touch screen. No other issues so far (12 hours in the game).

So Glitchy

It glitches out and freezes about 60% of the time. If you’re patient, then this won’t be an issue. Otherwise, I’d suggest picking up phone insurance because you’re going to rage quit. A lot.

Love the game but buggy

I love this game and have played it through multiple times on PS and iPhone. I now have an iPhone X and have been having difficulty with latest update. If I close my phone during a battle (no more quick save) I often lose any progress and have to start again from last save. Also the app sometimes freezes while loading a save game or between cut scenes. I love the game but these aspects are frustrating!

Favorite Game but doesn’t work

Worked for a little bit for me(until 4th or 5th battle) just fine but now it freezes constantly.

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